Easy and Temporary Application of Patient Reference Points

Improve the patient’s radiotherapy journey with the revolutionary patient reference point device. The Comfort Marker 2.0 brings a new level of comfort to start of the patient’s treatment.

If you are interested in the operation of the device (for FDA click herefor CE click here) for more information and a briefly work flow and video.

About Us


How it began

The emergence of Medical Precision BV and its game-changing technologies for radiotherapy markings arose from the demand of radiotherapists: “Could technology, as used in cosmetic permanent Make-up, be redeveloped towards an alternative for the painful traditional methods of “tattooing” for radiotherapy?”


The Way

In close cooperation with several radiotherapy institutions in the Netherlands a system was developed, based on a Permanent Makeup device. It was introduced as an experimental system in several Dutch hospitals as well as University hospitals. The system has proven to be a fantastic innovation compared to the traditional, ever painful, manual methods. Another advantage of the system, due to the design of the system and the safety needle, is the reduced risk of needlestick injuries for both operators and patients, reducing contamination risks dramatically.

The enthusiasm from hospitals using this prototype device of Medical Precision made Annelies Maas and her husband Roland Kortenhorst decide to start the development of the Comfort marker 2.0. This development was fully based on the ideas and experiences with the prototype system as has been used by many radiotherapists in several Dutch hospitals.

Roland & Annelies

The Founders

Annelies Maas, CEO and founder of Medical Precision BV, has been a Permanent Make Up specialist over three decades. She owned the largest specialized Permanent Make Up training school in the Eastern/ Northern Netherlands, and contributed a lot to many different new techniques within this profession. She also defined the concept of the Comfort Marker 2.0.
Her husband, Roland Kortenhorst, is a naval architect who always had a focus on technical innovation. In his shipbuilding career he led the team that developed the world’s first bi-fuel (LNG and diesel) liquid gas tanker. In Medical Precision he is COO/CFO and managed the entire development processes resulting in the Comfort Marker 2.0 system and its’ safety needle.

Medical Precision is an ISO 13485 certified company. All our products are being developed in order to meet CE, CE-based and FDA-compliant regulations.
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CIVCO Radiotherapy & Medical Precision

Improving the patient journey

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CIVCO Radiotherapy, Iowa USA, is the worldwide distributor for Medical Precisions’ products worldwide outside of the Netherlands.

CIVCO Radiotherapy has over 35 years’ experience developing, manufacturing and providing high-quality, innovative, patient-centric solutions in radiotherapy. These solutions include: advanced patient immobilization and positioning hardware and consumables, fiducial markers, couchtops and overlays, software, patient care products and advanced 6DOF robotic patient positioning. Corporate information is available at website: Civcort.com.



The decision of Medical Precision BV and CIVCO Radiotherapy to start a strategic and structural partnership was a natural one. Both companies share the same values, focusing om improving the Patients Journey, the safety for Medical Staff and unsurpassed quality and reliability for the care professionals they both want to serve.

Also making use of Medical Precisions’ Research and Development Center, CIVCO and Medical Precision will jointly continue in the search of new solutions in medical care, benefitting the patient and the professionals who care for them.

Medical Precision
R. & D. is key

Precision like never Before

The pleasure with developing the Comfort Marker 2.0 made Medical Precision enthusiastic to explore more solutions and improvements in marking technologies.

Continuously seeking for ‘out of the box’solutions for (mostly cancer) treatments and medical needs is the core for Medical Precision BV. Meanwhile all regulatory aspects concerning such new developments are covered in house.

The Comfort Marker 2.0 has been mentioned as a disruptive creative technology that is a game-changer in patient friendly marking by many hospitals, radiotherapist and radiotherapy institutions. Medical Precision continuously works towards new and game-changing solutions and technologies, all focused on improving the patient journey!

medical precision

Medical Precision
Commitment by fine people


Above all Medical Precision is a team. A true team of fine people who all are very committed to the products, and to all our business partners. Yet: the core of our motivation is what our products do: improving the patients’ journey!

Annelies Maas, founder and CEO. Languages: Dutch, English, German
Roland Kortenhorst: COO/ CFO/ chief technology. Languages: Dutch, Frisian, English, French, German, Italian
Alexander Boerhof: Manager Finance and IT. Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish
Blerta Kukaj: QA Manager, Operational coordination. Languages: Albanian, English, German, Dutch, Serbian, French
Nathalie Cabau: general support and services. Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Italian
Neža Juha: junior staff quality systems and ordering. Languages: Slovenian, English, German, Italian, Croatian


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