Medical Precision

Despite the many advances in modern radiotherapy, one thing is still not that easy: the placement of reference points. In almost all cases, the points are placed with East Indian ink and the points are placed manually with a needle. The result is not always as accurate and almost always painful for the patient, with the risk that the ink leaks on to the CT-device.

The point is always injected too deep in the skin and it becomes a permanent dot that is difficult to remove later on.


Medical Precision b.v. from Zwolle developed a completely new marking system in cooperation with a number of hospitals that:

  • the patient barely feels
  • places the reference points very quickly and very accurately
  • places an exact (and never too deep) reference point with disposable needle modules
  • is extremely user-friendly and easy to use for the lab technician/ nurse
  • never goes deeper than the upper dermis because of specific technology