The marking technology offered by Medical Precision was developed on the basis of the Permanent Make-Up (PMU) world.

Permanent Make-Up is a beauty treatment that is quickly gaining popularity in the field of cosmetics. The PMU treatment makes eye brows more beautiful and fuller by drawing hairs with very delicate needle techniques. Eyeliner can also be applied, or the lips can be given a fuller look, which results into a warmer and fuller smile.


PMU is not a tattoo

PMU is not a tattoo. Tattoos are placed deeper in the skin than PMU, i.e. in the subcutaneous tissue. This is what makes the tattoo permanent. If too much ink is used at this depth, there is the risk that the ink runs out and the reference point becomes too large.

PMU does not go deeper than the top layer of the dermis. Placing points for radiotherapy is therefore not a puncturing treatment and does not fall under the “reserved treatments” of the BIG Law. Shallow placement is an advantage for the beauty industry. After a few years, the pigmentation of the eye brows or eye lids will fade and the patient will have the option of choosing another colour and shape.

PMU in medical application for reference points

Based on the cosmetic PMU that we describe here, Medical Precision developed a special medical application. We use a combination of a PMU device and marking pens that have been set beforehand to the correct injection depth. The lab technician’s job to place reference points very precisely has become very easy. The patient doesn’t have to fear the procedure either, before they feel anything, the point has already been placed.

The pigments have been selected specifically for radiotherapy marking applications. In most cases the dots will fade after a few month. In the case the skin should keep the dot, it can be easily (and comfortably, no pain) removed after the therapy-series. You will therefore no longer have an unsightly dot in your neckline or so!