The device and the pen

The Medical Precision marking system consists of three components:

  • the device
  • the marking pen
  • the needle module

The device

The device feeds the marking pen with electric current pulses. The device has been set accurately to the right frequency and current before the procedure. The setting is developed in cooperation with radiotherapy lab technicians of a number of hospitals.

The setting makes the operation of the device very easy: an on/off button, a start/stop button to activate the needle for when you want to place a point ( and again in the pause setting when the point has been placed). The procedure cannot be easier and mistakes with settings are effectively excluded.

The marking pen

The pen is the actual heart of the system. The electric pulses of the device activate a magnetic “hammer” inside the pen. The power and vibration frequency of the hammer are perfect for placing reference points.

An aluminium head is placed on the pen. A disposable synthetic needle module is engaged in the head. The aluminium head is made as such that when the needle is engaged, the depth at which the pigment is applied, is very precise and stable.

Three heads can be delivered:

  • head with pigmentation depth of 0.2 mm: in particular for the (somewhat thinner skin) on the sternum
  • head with pigmentation depth of 0.4 mm; somewhat thicker skin such as the outside of the breasts, pelvic area
  • head with pigmentation depth of 0.7 mm: for very thick skin types

Every head is anodized in a particular colour, and the depth is engraved in it, making mistakes a thing of the past.

The Needle Module

The (disposable) needle module applies the reference point. It is a synthetic unit containing a small needle, or rather three small needles. Once the head has been engaged, the pen releases the needle that is pulsating lightly at the depth for that head. Because of the shape of the artificial needle module, the needle is self-priming. When de device is active, the needle only has to be held very briefly in the pigment to suck up the pigment, and can be used immediately after. (Also refer to this page: photos of practical applications).

After the dot has been applied, the needle module can be removed in the (normal, customary) needle container.

The pigmentation inks

Various types of pigment can be delivered. The most important difference in the pigment types is the fading. In many cases/ skin types (if the pigmentation iis applies at a depth of 0,2 mm) the dot will fade after some months. In all cases is can be removed easily by jack-laser or application of natural ingredients that generate de-capsulation of the pigment molecules.